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Our Story


The NEBO HOLIDAY CHORUS & ORCHESTRA (NHCO) was established by residents of Spanish Fork, Utah to promote the performing arts, provide quality performances of large choral works for free to the community in Southern Utah County, and exercise and improve the artistic skills of those performing in the choir and orchestra. During our annual Christmas performances, approximately 150 musicians perform together in Handel's "Messiah". Performers include contracted professional and auditioned hobby musicians, high school students, independent music teachers, and instrumental music teachers from public schools and area universities. The choir members and most orchestra participants are volunteers, unpaid both for the weekly rehearsals and for the two concerts performed each year. Rehearsals take place from the end of October through the middle of December and involve the finest musicians from our community. We are truly honored to work with such fine performers and would like to express our great appreciation for the much-needed support we receive from members of our community.


Our Story

Established in June 2017, NHCO is a non-profit corporation and operates exclusively for educational and charitable purposes within the meaning of Section 501 (c)(3) of the IRS Code. Our bylaws and articles of incorporation clearly state our purposes that are strictly artistic in nature. Our organization is supported by member participation fees, grants, and donations from individuals, businesses, and organizations.

The mission of the NHCO is to provide exceptional musical holiday productions in Southern Utah County in order to:

  • INSPIRE and ELEVATE audiences and active participants through annual performances of large religious and/or secular choral works, with a resolute commitment to Handel’s "Messiah", the most popular and frequently performed oratorio ever written.

  • PROMOTE and NURTURE the creative works of Utah’s own career and hobby musicians through integrated quality performances that represent and contribute to Utah’s cultural arts and increase fine arts performances locally.

  • BUILD and STRENGTHEN the cultural base throughout communities that desire inspirational and uplifting music and thus educating its residents through actively participating in fine arts productions.

  • SERVE and BENEFIT communities by strengthening family and community ties, enabling all Southern Utah County residents to celebrate together, join their voices during the holiday seasons, and donate to charitable organizations.NHCO provides youth and adult education in musical performance through choral and orchestral participation. 


We provide this service through annual rehearsals and performances held at privately and publicly sponsored venues. The annual performances will increase fine arts appreciation in the southern communities of Utah County. By offering educational events as well as our free performances, NHCO is educating the public and individuals on fine arts performances and artistic involvement with the goal of increasing fine arts appreciation and personal improvement in the fine arts. Since NHCO is a charitable organization, we rely heavily on donations, grants, sponsors, in-kind donations, and volunteer work. NHCO volunteers, including lawyers, professional musicians, educators, and accountants, spent well over 600 volunteer hours per year on this project.

Every December during the holiday season, NHCO will bring Handel's "Messiah" to our community. In the coming months, our rehearsals will focus on studying the musical materials at hand, improving individual and group performance practices of large choral works, and preparing each performer for the annual holiday performances. Southern Utah County is not blessed with a concert hall, a tabernacle, or other art facilities that can support a performance with such a large number of musicians. For this very reason, NHCO has to rely on buildings owned and operated by the school district or local churches. The administrators of the local high schools within the Nebo school district have been extremely accommodating and a pleasure to talk to and work with. NHCO will rehearse in a Spanish Fork facility made available by the LDS church. We would like to voice our appreciation to all those who help us secure performance venues.

Meet The Team

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